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What is Scoreboard Gaming?

The Best Sim Gaming Community Ever Assembled

Scoreboard Gaming is an online gaming community for gamers looking for a simulation (sim) gaming experience. Sim gaming is all about simulating real sports through video games. If you're looking for a fun and realistic gaming experience, you've found it. Click the link below to join our community today!

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The Forum is where the action is!

In the Forum you can sign-up for all of the different leagues and tournaments that we are running, read all of our site and league rules, interact with other members, post your availability & schedule your games, view the Scoreboard Points Chart, and learn about all of the upcoming events we have scheduled.

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Scoreboard Gaming Rules!

No Hate Speech

Zero Tolerance Policy

Racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or other hateful speech will not be tolerated. Do not use slurs in any context. Absolutely zero exceptions. Violations could result in permanent bans.

Sim Leagues Require Sim Rules

Keep It Real

Simulation gaming leagues require rules that promote simulation gaming. Each league has its own unique set of rules that must be followed at all times. Scoreboard Gaming has a three-strikes rule with disciplinary action for those in constant violation of the rules.

Home Team Must Broadcast

Transparency Is Key

In order to maintain the integrity of our sim gaming leagues, as well as the integrity of our community, we ask that all games be broadcasted by the home team. This gives everyone the chance to review games as needed and enforce league rules should issues arise. While we encourage both players to broadcast their games, the home team should broadcast the game via Twitch.

Sportsmanship Matters

Be Humble In Victory & Gracious In Defeat

This community is built around sportsmanship so poor sports need not apply. Winning is fun. Losing is not. But both are part of the game and everyone is going experience both. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. And there is absolutely no room for quitters. Quitting can result in permabans.

Must Have A Mic

Speak Up

Every player must have a mic.You don't need to have the mic on when playing but a mic must be accessible in order to resolve any issues or disputes during gameplay, should any arise.

No Cronus Zen

No Cheating

Cronus Zen mod controllers are NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances. If you are caught using a Zen controller you will be immediately removed from the league and banned from the Scoreboard Gaming community. Cheating is extremely lame. It's just video games.

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